Talk Of The Town

Wings Talk of the Town:

 “Talk of the Town” is the media division of Wings Travels. Talk of the Town, a unique Quarterly magazine catering to the globetrotting people who are interested in knowing the uniquely juxtaposed influences of Pune. It’s one of the most resourceful magazines in the city that provide functional insights into almost every sector in Pune. From utility & emergency services, star hotels, hospitality facilities, entertainment & leisure, leading local brands & products, medical, beauty & wellness, elite clubs, prime properties, to leading malls, the magazine has it all.

‘Talk of the Town’ is a big platter, fulfilling appetite of every kind of reader.  It is the unique juxtapose of culture, party scene, fashion, technology, automobile, food, wellness and various other cross-cultural influences of Pune. Also this Magazine divulges into the minute details of this distinctive city in unique way.

What it Talks About?

  • Upcoming events in Pune, In & Out about Pune, Must visit places in & around Pune, Pune’s Culture & Heritage :
    Proudly known as cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune is recognized of its love for music, art, dance & theater. Pune exhibits a diverse mix of cosmopolitan culture and modern thinking. The cultural calendar of the city is full of cultural activities, musical events, film festivals, workshop and exhibitions. Get yourself soaked in the culture of Pune
  • 5 Star & 4 Star Hotels, Hospitality Facilities, Entertainment & Fun :
    It is often said that Puneites don’t cook at home on weekends. Pune has a mishmash of eateries for all kinds of liking. Pune also has a chirpy nightlife with live music performances & social get together happening during the weekends. Get ready for exciting evening in Pune
  • Leading local brands & Products, Local Markets, Exciting Shopping Places:
    Malls, Multiplexes and Clubs have become essential part of Pune these days. Half crowd of Pune found at these places enjoying & shopping. But also the local markets like Tulsibaug, F C Road, Fashion Street, MG Road, Laxmi Road, East Street have the loyal customers from long time. Do visit the places for more fun.
  • Elite Clubs, Prime Properties, Investment Options, Exclusive coverage on Pune’s Development,  Local Businessmen’s  views, Interviews of VIP’s of Pune:
    What began, as a small town in 5th century and grooming place for little Shivaji in 17th century has now emerged as a leading IT hub. This new identity has given a boost to reality in Pune. It is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the country. Due to astounding appreciation rates, young professionals are giving first priority to Pune for property investments.
  • Health, Beauty & Wellness, Utility  & Emergency Services:
    With an influx of students from all over the world and the young IT crowd, Pune has a lot to offer in the form of healthcare centres. Increasing number of Spas, Gyms, meditation centre proves the point. Pamper yourself with our treat.
  • Emergency & utility Guide :
    We included all the phone numbers which anybody may require when they are in Pune. Also added the map for better understanding of Pune


  • Top Class Businessmen, VIPs In Pune
  • Corporate Professionals, IT employees
  • Lifestyle & Brand Conscious Segment
  • In- travelers : Domestic & International
  • Shopaholics
  • Investors
  • Any Puneites, Any visitor especially Foreigners who are interested to know the city better.