Business Tour

Our Philosophy

Businesses are built upon developing and maintaining strong personal relations with you stakeholders. We understand that to expand your business horizons you need to engage in regular tours to conduct and attend various meetings. At Wings it is our endeavour to ensure that your Business Tours are a complete pleasure to embark upon. The very word ‘Business’ comes from Busy-ness, an act that keeps one busy. We understand that thoroughly. Putting this thought into action, we offer readymade travel solutions that are designed to give you a perfect work life balance when you travel on business.

Our Actions

At Wings we take the initiative to custom design each trip according to your requirements, activities and backward integrate it into time and motion for a seamless experience. We take care of all the required facilities for the delegates who attend your conferences/seminars/meets etc. The corporate hospitality is omnipresent in all the activities. We jog the extra mile to ensure you have ample time for leisure along with your business agenda(s).

Our Turn Key solutions include:

  • Business trips for domestic as well as international destinations with ticket, travelling and international visa assistance.
  • Arrangement of conference halls and cabs
  • Planning and advisory for a leisure trip to the nearby destinations in spare time