Corporate Fleet Management

Professional, proactive and strategic- we guarantee a different approach to service. With a fleet of over 4000 vehicles we are Maharashtra's foremost provider of all travel solutions in corporate travel and mass transport and many of the India's individual and leading corporates and BPO's as our clients. We provide a flexible yet inexpensive all round professional service and over the past 14 years we have transformed the travel/transport process by using cutting edge technology we have virtually removed paper from our internal operations, we have maxed optimum utilization of kms and controlling per fte cost, we believe in delivering services of exceptional quality. According to the needs of your organisation we can prepare and implement a package that suits you best. In fact we work as an extension of our client's admin team, smoothing out their hassles with total transparency.

In today's competitive and professionalised scenario we realise that speed, time and efficiency are of utmost importance and we have perfected the system of delivering quality transport service. With proper rostering, a superbly trained staff and well taught drivers we are able to deliver an accurate pick up and drop schedule. We have designed our services with the needs of our customers and clients in mind. We operate 24 x 7 with complete efficiency. We have a stream lined back up plan for

The models of vehicles we use are mostly Tata Sumo, Tata Indica, Indigo, Marina, Bus (50 Seater), Mini-Bus (14 - 27 seater) and other similar vehicles. The vehicles are in mint condition and none of the lighter vehicles is more than three years old. All the vehicles are provided with means of communication, mostly in the form of mobile phones. In our hands your safety is guaranteed, we put our drivers through an intensive training where they are trained in route map analysis, vehicle tracking, pick-up / drop co-ordination, safety measures, vehicle / driver co-ordination, vehicle paper updation, vehicle inspection for road worthiness, data entry, rostering, preparing MIS reports, vehicle paper updation and vehicle inspection for road worthiness. They are smart and well behaved and carry valid driving licences.

Why choose Wings Travels?

  • Fleet size of 3200 plus cars.
  • Type: - model- Tata Sumo, Tata Indica, Indigo, Marina, Bus (50 seater), Mini-bus (12 – 17 - 27 & 32 seater) & other similar vehicles.
  • Age of vehicles – will not more than three years old for light vehicles.
  • Vehicles will be equipped with means of communication e.g. Mobile.
  • Vehicles will have all legal registration formalities completed and all vehicles to be registered as a “tourist” vehicle with the local RTO Authorities
  • Documents required by all relevant statutory authorities, including comprehensive insurance cover will be produced on demand
  • Vehicles will always be kept in a clean & well-maintained condition with special regards to general look, upholstery and flooring.
  • Easy and user friendly systems.
  • Dedicated cars and drivers (no sharing of cabs with other companies)