Staff Transportation Services

Wings Travels offers a full Range of Vehicles from 4–50 seaters and operates in both the luxury & regular segments. To ensure that our customers enjoy a comfortable travel experience most of the light vehicles in our fleet are less than three years old and are packed with services like GPS, mobile charging points etc for the customer’s convenience

The staff transportation business is the mainstay of the company where we enjoy a leadership position in the country. A majority of our fleet & revenues are attributed to corporate fleets (~90%) from 4 major cities - Mumbai, Pune, Chennai & Bengaluru. Over the years Wings has become a leading provider of corporate fleet management services with several support services like roster planning & MIS solutions to provide analysis to its clients. In Pune, Wings covers ~80% of the BPO transport segment while it covers ~50% of Mumbai’s BPO transport market.

Wings Travels Currently holds a fleet size of more than 3,600 vehicles. All its vehicles are equipped with means of communications e.g. Mobiles. We abide by all legal formalities such as registration of vehicles as ‘tourist’ vehicles with the local RTO authorities, documents required by all relevant statutory authorities, including comprehensive insurance cover etc. All Vehicles are always kept in clean and well-maintained condition with special regards to general look, upholstery and flooring with easy and user friendly systems. To ensure optimum and consistent service standards Wings Travels also adheres to strict compliance norms of dedicated cars and drivers and no sharing of cabs with other companies.

Staff Training: To ensure optimal service to our clients, our new staff has a mandatory training period of 30 to 60 days after their induction. They are trained in route map analysis, vehicle tracking, pick-up / drop co-ordination, safety measures, vehicle / driver coordination, vehicle paper updation, vehicle inspection for road worthiness, Data entry, Rostering, preparing MIS reports.

Driver Recruitment & Training: We only recruit drivers with minimum of three of years experience and a Transport Licence. Once they clear this criterion a proper driving Test is conducted to determine the capability of the candidate. Only the ones who pass this test are finally recruited. All new recruits then undergo a Driver Induction period of 5 working days. Post which they are again tested to ascertain whether they are physically and mentally fit for driving.

Periodical Trainings (every 6 months) : Familiarization with the routes, Safety while driving, road signs, measures to be taken to avoid accidents, Action to be taken in case of accident / break-downs, cleanliness, behaviour towards the superiors and employees.

Get together and outings: For both staff and drivers outings are conducted

Driver’s verifications and records maintained with photos and fingerprints.